About Maccaferri Group

Officine Maccaferri have always been able to guarantee diversified solutions that take into account natural balances of rivers, climate, soil morphology, materials and sources available. River defense, mountain stabilization, road consolidation, rockfall netting protection, channel linings, dams, hydraulic protections, landfills…… all over the world, Maccaferri is synonym of these and other works..

Maccaferri’s engineering culture can be traced back to their roots in the year 1550 in Italy. Their continued growth is still based upon the same philosophy – to offer high quality, durable and environmentally sensitive solutions.

An intervention area almost infinite where alongside the traditional gabions, mattresses and soil reinforcement made of double twisted wire netting, Maccaferri is now using geosynthetics, biomats, materials for rapid greening, always obtaining specific and optimum solutions also by the environmental point of view.

This is the challenge of Officine Maccaferri: an involvement in every phase of its activity from design to the installation phase as well as to the materials used in its works.


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