Philippine Gabions, Incorporated Products

Welcome to the PGI Products Page where we explain in more depth about our exciting product range.

Retaining Walls
Gabion Walls MacGrid Geogrids
Anchor Wall MacTex Geotextiles

Soil Reinforcement
Gabion Walls MacTex Geotextiles
MacGrid Geogrids Biomac
System Terramesh

Road Construction
MacGrid Geogrids MacTex Geotextiles

Drainage System
MacTex Geotextiles Enkadrain

Hydraulic Structures
Gabion Reno Mattress
MacTex Geotextiles

Erosion Protection
Gabion Walls System Terramesh
Rockfall Protection Biomac
MacGrid Geogrids MacTex Geotextiles

Coastal Protection
Reno Mattress MacTex Geotextiles
MacGrids Geogrids MacTube Geotextile Containers

Containment Systems
MacGrid Geogrids Enkadrain
MacTex Geotextiles

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