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MacTube is a geotextile containerused for
  • building coastal and river structures for erosion protection
  • dewatering a wide variety of wet slurries, wastes, and sludges
  • containing, dewatering and reusing dredged material

MacTube geotextile containers are constructed of high-strength woven geotextile fabrics that are extremely strong and durable with sewn seams.

MacTube containers are easy to install, both above and below the water surface. As a "soft" armored structure, it offers minimal impact to the environment while providing a cost effective alternative to "hard" structures.

Protecting Coastlines

MacTube geotextile containers can be used in the design of several types of coastal engineering structures:

Revetments - to protect against erosion of shoreline adjacent to existing buildings.

Groins - installed perpendicular to and extending out from beaches to restore or protect beaches.

Breakwaters - installed parallel to beaches offshore to restore or protect beaches.

Dikes - constructed to form a containment area in which to pump dredge spoils and can also be used for land creation.

Dune Cores - to construct an artificial dune that will subsequently be covered and revegetated.

Reefs - installed offshore to replace natural reefs.



Dredged material can be easily contained and disposed of, or reused, using MacTube geotextile containers. Placing and constructing geotextile containers is simple and cost effective with minimal impact on the environment. Plus, the extremely strong, high-strength woven geotextile fabic provides increased confidence in material containment.

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