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Philippine Gabions Inc. is striving to be the leading supplier of geotechnical products and geosynthetics in the Philippine market. We will support your projects from the initial stage to the final implementation and can provide in-house design assistance, training for your design and project engineers, installation support, propose alternative techniques and explore various “what if” scenarios with our principals proprietary design software in the best optimization of mesh products, geosynthetics and modular concrete blocks.

Through close cooperation with our main principal, the 125 years old Maccaferri Group with head office in Italy and manufacturing facilities on 5 continents from Kuala Lumpur to Maryland and Jakarta to Moscow, we are committed to offer high quality, durable and environmentally sensitive solutions to our customers all over the Philippines.

Maccaferri’s heritage has helped them gain a profound understanding of our environment, which is reflected in the solutions being offered to our valued customers. Their experience is strengthened every day worldwide through active research and new designs.

The Maccaferri Group manufactures double twisted steel wire mesh, which is fabricated into products of varying form and function; from gabions for mass gravity retaining structures to Reno™ mattresses for channel linings and river bank protection to System Terramesh™ and Green Terramesh™ for soil reinforcement, retaining walls & slope protection to rockfall nettings for rockfall mitigation solutions to a mix of several products for a wide range of semi-permanent and permanent structures of military and disaster response installations.

In addition to Maccaferri’s core products a vast range of solutions to meet all your geotechnical needs, including polymeric soil reinforcement geogrids and woven and non-woven geotextiles, permanent and biodegradable erosion control mats and modular concrete blocks to name just a few.

It is our priority to ensure that our customers are entirely satisfied with our products and services and Philippine Gabions, Inc. is committed to offer only solutions which are appropriate for your particular situation. Otherwise we will tell you so!

Maccaferri and our other main principals are committed to quality and operate under ISO 9000 series quality systems. After all it is our aim to forge long lasting mutually benefiting relationships, built upon mutual understanding, trust and professionalism.


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