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Rockfall Protection Netting

In the field of slope stabilization, the use of double twist hexagonal mesh allows the engineer to choose from a wide range of structural solutions adapted to suit the specific situation. Moreover, installations of this type are highly efficient and economic.

The classical distinction made in works of this type is that between "active" and "passive" measures. Active measures are those that act on the causes of a phenomenon and inhibit its initiation. Passive measures, on the other hand, are those that hinder or control rock-falls or avalanches to protect the infrastructure below the slopes, such as roads, railways, buildings.

Slope protections consisting of netting can be subdivided into two main categories:

Protection against rock-falls
• single layer of netting
• reinforced netting
• impermeable netting
• netting with vegetation cover
• vertical flexible catch fences
Protection against avalanches
• elastic snow fences

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