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A Solution for soil enhancement
The experience acquired and the desire to ensure optimum performance of the finished structure while simplifying installation, have led to the development of a product in Zinc and PVC coated double-twist woven wire mesh specially produced for this application.

The advantages of Terramesh:
• Permeability of the front face, guaranteeing drainage of the backfill
• Flexibility, enabling the structure to take up ground settlement without compromising structural integrity
• Ease of construction
• Significant soundproofing characteristics (18-28 decibel)
• Structural safety in case of fire near the front face
• The reduction of environmental impact through the use of vegetation incorporated into the front face of the structure
• The versatility of gabions, which allows the formation of a structure with vertical, battered or stepped front face as required and minimization of environmental impact.

There are two different basic Terramesh structures, depending on the type of front face; one is in stone-filled box gabions (Terramesh unit) and the other is entirely filled with soil (Green Terramesh Reinforced unit "Soil" type).

The Terramesh Unit is used for soil reinforcement while Green Terramesh Reinforced Unit "Soil" type is used for soil consolidation works and/or for retention of embankment and slopes.

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