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Reno Mattress for slope & embankment protection

The construction of new roads and the widening of existing highways often involves major excavation works and the construction of embankments which expose earth and rock faces to weathering by rain and wind. The protection of road and railway embankments often require the same type of protection that may be required for hydraulic works or slope stabilization in order to counteract not only superficial erosion but also the erosive effects of watercourses, a lake or the sea.

In such cases prefabricated concrete elements are often used which may come away from the slope surface and which do not allow restoration of natural vegetation. The use of Reno mattress revetments has provided outstanding solutions in a variety of applications, and because of their strength provides stability to the embankment while promoting a rapid regrowth of natural vegetation. When a natural slope needs to be modified, any changes must be made in order to fit the new slope to its surrounding while loose rock slopes must be properly protected to prevent the rocks from falling onto roads or railways.

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